Everyone has been there. You are at a party and the host has set up a laptop to play the music. Your favorite song is next in the queue and someone just skips it. You start fighting about what the next song should be and in the mean time someone else has already added Justin Bieber to the playlist. Well, i have created a solution for this problem.


Spotifight will solve this problem! It is a small game where you challenge 1 to 3 friends to play against you. The winner can chose to add a song he likes to the playlist. Or he can choose to remove a song from the playlist!

The trick is, that Spotifight communicates with Spotify, after a song ends he tells Spotify to start the next song. This way people can’t skip numbers or shuffle things around in the playlist. After an short amount of playing you have a playlist for the night in which everyone has added or removed some songs, fair and square. There will be no more fights and everyone can drop their pitchforks.